Technology Development Satellite

PolyITAN-HP-30, a 2U CubeSat project led by Igor Sikorsky Kyiv National University – KPI (KPI), is under the operation of this company.

Name of SatellitePolyITAN-HP-30
PurposeTechnology Development
ContractorNational Technical University
Country of ContractorUkraine
Launch Mass (kg.)2
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)517
Date of Launch03.01.2023
Launch SiteCape Canaveral
Launch VehicleFalcon 9
COSPAR Number2023-001CA
NORAD Number55081

The PolyITAN-HP-30 Technology Development Satellite mission is to launch a Ukrainian educational satellite, which was designed by KPI students and space exploration enthusiasts to address various educational, scientific, and technological challenges in universities.


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