Technology Development Satellite

InnoSat-2 (Innovation Satellite-2) is a nanosat mission that utilizes the satellite bus built by local satellite manufacturers.

Name of SatelliteINNOSat-2 (Innovation Satellite-2)
PurposeTechnology Development
Country of ContractorMalaysia
Launch Mass (kg.)4
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)476
Date of Launch29.11.2018
Launch SiteSatish Dhawan Space Centre
Launch VehiclePSLV
COSPAR Number2018-096V
NORAD Number43738

InnoSat-2 Technology Development Satellite series presents a solution and an opportunity for researchers to showcase their experiment on orbit. Up to a 2U payload with the 3U CubeSat. Any one uses them (ATSB) or 3rd party solutions, and the satelite bus modules and subsystems are interchangeable. The satellite is carrying a dosimeter, CMOS camera, and experimental reaction wheel.


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