Space Observation Satellite

NEOSSat is a pioneering space telescope that has been designed to detect and track asteroids, comets, satellites and space debris.

Name of SatelliteNEOSSat (Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite)
PurposeSpace Observation
ContractorMicrosat Systems Canada Inc.
Country of ContractorCanada
Launch Mass (kg.)74
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)772
Date of Launch25.02.2013
Launch SiteSatish Dhawan Space Centre
Launch VehiclePSLV
COSPAR Number2013-009D
NORAD Number39089

NEOSSat space observation satellite, which is the size of a suitcase, orbits at an altitude of approximately 800 kilometres above Earth. It circles the globe every 100 minutes, scanning space near the Sun in order to identify asteroids and comets that may potentially pass close to Earth in the future.


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