Earth Observation Satellite

Nanosatc-Br2 is a Brazilian CubeSat project developed at the Southern Regional Centre for Space Research (CRS/CCR/INPE-MCT).

Name of SatelliteNANOSATC-BR2
PurposeEarth Observation
ContractorBrazilian National Institute of Space Research (INPE/MCTI), Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM)
Country of ContractorBrazil
Launch Mass (kg.)3
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)534
Date of Launch22.03.2021
Launch SiteBaikonur Cosmodrome
Launch VehicleSoyuz-2.1a
COSPAR Number2021-022X
NORAD Number47953

Nanosatc-Br2 Earth Observation Satellite is designed in a 2U high CubeSat form factor. The scientific mission is to monitor the Earth’s ionosphere and magnetic field, as well as particle precipitation.


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