Communications Satellite

Garpun-12L (Cosmos 2513) Russian military repeater satellites are a replacement for the Potok/Geyser series for the National Control and Relay System (GKKRS), also known as Rassvet.

Name of SatelliteGarpun-12L (Cosmos 2513)
ContractorISS Reshetnev
Country of ContractorRussia
Launch Mass (kg.)5 000
Class of OrbitGEO
Perigee (km)35 783
Date of Launch10.12.2015
Launch SiteBaikonur Cosmodrome
Launch VehicleProton M
COSPAR Number2015-075A
NORAD Number41121

A Garpun-12L (Cosmos 2513) was probably developed by ICS Reshetnev, using the Express-2000 bus as its primary source.


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