Space Science Satellite

Mikhailo Lomonosov (MVL-300) is a Russian scientific satellite that has been designed to investigate light phenomena in the upper atmosphere, the Earth’s magnetosphere, and basic cosmological research.

Name of SatelliteMikhailo Lomonosov (MVL-300)
PurposeSpace Science
Country of ContractorRussia
Launch Mass (kg.)645
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)469
Expected Lifetime (yrs.)3
Date of Launch27.04.2016
Launch SiteVostochny Cosmodrome
Launch VehicleSoyuz-2.1a
COSPAR Number2016-026A
NORAD Number41464

The university commissioned and participated in the creation of Mikhailo Lomonosov, and it was named after him as the founder. This spacecraft is the first project funded by MSU in the country.


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