Space Science Satellite

The Norbi-6U satellite of Russian Cube, which is built by Novosibirsk State University, is the Norbic.

Name of SatelliteNorbi
PurposeSpace Science
ContractorNovosibirsk State University
Country of ContractorRussia
Launch Mass (kg.)9
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)546
Date of Launch28.09.2020
Launch SitePlesetsk Cosmodrome
Launch VehicleSoyuz-2.1a
COSPAR Number2020-068J
NORAD Number46494

The Norbi Spacecraft began under the UniverSat programme of Roscosmos State Corporation, which led to its launch. The programmatic means of this project allows launching small spacecraft, which is designed by Russian universities and research centres with taking account the payload requirements of Roscosmos State Corporation.


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