Communications Satellite

Gonets M-25 satellites are the modernised version of the Gonets satellites, civilian version of the military satellite system Strela-3.

Name of SatelliteGonets M-25
ContractorISS Reshetnev
Country of ContractorRussia
Launch Mass (kg.)280
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)1 499
Expected Lifetime (yrs.)7
Date of Launch26.12.2019
Launch SitePlesetsk Cosmodrome
Launch VehicleRokot
COSPAR Number2019-096B
NORAD Number44906

Communications Satellite are responsible in the Gonets-D1M constellation. Gonets system was designed to help international health organizations deal with their global communications needs, including the transfer of medical data and records to remote sites.


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