Earth Observation Satellite

Lotos-S1 series of Russian radio-technical reconnaissance (RTR) satellites, which are one of the components of the next-generation radio-technical reconnaissance system, ICRC Liana.

Name of SatelliteLotos-S1
PurposeEarth Observation
ContractorTsSKB-Progress Samara Space Center and KB Arsenal
Country of ContractorRussia
Launch Mass (kg.)5 000
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)896
Date of Launch07.04.2022
Launch SitePlesetsk Cosmodrome
Launch VehicleSoyuz-2.1b
COSPAR Number2022-036A
NORAD Number52202

Earth Observation Satellite, which is one of the Russian Lotos – S1 satellites, is the first component of the next-generation Liana ELINT satellite system. The engineering version flew under the designation Lotos-S (14F138).


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