Technology Development Satellite

TRISAT, a 3U high CubeSat educational satellite, is being piloted by the University of Maribor with the aim of fostering cooperation between Slovenian university students and the space industry.

Name of SatelliteTRISAT
PurposeTechnology Development
ContractorUniversity of Malibor/SkyLabs
Country of ContractorSlovenia
Launch Mass (kg.)4
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)534
Date of Launch02.09.2020
Launch SiteGuiana Space Center
Launch VehicleVega
COSPAR Number2020-061J
NORAD Number46280

TRISAT Technology Development Satellite , the small spacecraft, has the capability to capture images of the Earth in the short-wave infrared spectrum. These remote sensing data can be utilized to identify diverse vegetation types, assess the impact of natural disasters, and detect volcanic dust.


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