Communications Satellite

Globalstar FM15 satellites have been used to provide data communications between 70 degrees north and south latitude, which is currently needed.

Name of SatelliteGlobalstar FM15
ContractorThales Alenia Space
Country of ContractorItaly
Launch Mass (kg.)715
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)1 111
Expected Lifetime (yrs.)15
Date of Launch19.06.2022
Launch SiteCape Canaveral
Launch VehicleFalcon 9
COSPAR Number2022-064A
NORAD Number52888

The Globalstar FM15 Communications satellites, which are designed by Thales, have a trapezoidal shape, with 16 C- and S-band transponders, and with 16 L- and C-band receivers.


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