Communications Satellite

EDRS-C (European Data Relay System-C) consists of several parts in the European Data Relight System. The Astrium’s main contacter for this satellite, OHB, will provide the bus.

Name of SatelliteEDRS-C (European Data Relay System-C)
ContractorOHB Germany
Country of ContractorGermany
Launch Mass (kg.)3 186
Class of OrbitGEO
Perigee (km)35 782
Date of Launch06.08.2019
Launch SiteGuiana Space Center
Launch VehicleAriane 5
COSPAR Number2019-049A
NORAD Number44475

The EDRS extends the time of which the LEO spacecraft can be able to contact with the ground, and provides a rapid networking transfer to the user. There is also a potential that allows you to reprogram Earth Observation (EO) satellites in low earth orbit at near real time.


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