Communications Satellite

Starlink-5538 is a communications satellite offers robust global internet connectivity, ensuring seamless access from any corner of the world. Experience high-speed performance and effortless integration, empowering you to stay connected wherever you go.

Name of SatelliteStarlink-5538
Country of ContractorUSA
Launch Mass (kg.)300
Class of OrbitLEO
Perigee (km)569
Expected Lifetime (yrs.)5
Date of Launch27.04.2023
Launch SiteCape Canaveral
Launch VehicleFalcon 9
COSPAR Number2023-058AS
NORAD Number56357

Features of Starlink-5538:

Global Connectivity: Provides internet access in remote and underserved areas worldwide.

Reliable Performance: Maintains stable connectivity, overcoming weather-related disruptions and geographical barriers.

High-Speed Data Transmission: Enables fast browsing, streaming, and online activities with efficient data transmission.

Easy Installation: Simple setup process for quick deployment and user-friendly operation.

Advanced Technology: Equipped with cutting-edge features to meet the demands of modern connectivity needs.


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